Lose the Training Wheels: Brochure

Lose the Training Wheels is a program that teaches developmentally-challenged children how to ride bikes. They needed a brochure that explained to potential donors and participants how the program works, but in a way that told a bigger story about the impact they can make.

Our strategy centered on the idea that for these kids, learning how to ride a bike isn’t just about having fun — it’s about developing a sense of accomplishment and independence. From improved social interaction, to becoming more engaged in their schoolwork, to independence in their daily routines, these kids will be better prepared to move forward in life after they’ve gained the confidence that this program can give them.






VP Buildings

B2B Direct Mail Campaign

In order to survive in this economy, businesses have to keep growing. For VP Buildings—a steel building supplier—to keep growing means gaining new partners. And, to get new partners takes a recruitment campaign that breaks through the clutter and outshines the competition. So we created an unorthodox direct mail campaign that reached the demographic on an emotional, nostalgic level and produced results that wildly exceeded the client’s expectations.

vp-recruit-pink-floyd-small-frontvp-recruit-pink-floyd-big-open-glamSecond Mailer Cover


Open Technologies

Who says b2b has to be boring? Open Technologies is an IT and solutions provider specializing in health care that wanted to find a way to stand out in the cluttered direct mail space. To show how quickly and efficiently they could provide IT services, we appealed to the healthcare demographic they were interested in with a humorous Emergency Room themed mailer that featured a circular slide rule with fictitious illnesses computers might have that only they could remedy.


ER dm campaign

Catholic Charities

Year after year, Catholic Charities launches a campaign to fund their many important programs and services that help those in need. To highlight the great results these programs deliver, we decided to put a spin on the typical depiction of individuals who receive help with “before and after” images. In print, direct mail and television, we showed the dynamic transition that happens to an individual in need thanks to Catholic Charities.