Image-1For most stoners there exists a thin line between bad and good ideas. It starts about halfway through the joint. But, this Stoner doesn’t need weed to be creative. Just a  great product or service, a sound strategy, and a reasonable deadline.

For the past few decades, I’ve partnered with some really talented folks working on brands like McDonald’s, Chevrolet, Domino’s Pizza, Pella Windows, and Cessna. I studied at the Ad Center in Los Angeles. Before that, I was a struggling actor reaching my peak on the most watched daytime TV show of all time. I still haven’t seen it.

I like my briefs short, my drinks tall, and my ads, when appropriate, funny. I created a TV spot that helped reduce traffic fatalities and made the Secretary of Transportation snort-laugh. And a humorous print campaign of mine made accountants seem downright personable. Accountants.

I want the people I work with to be strategically smart and passionately curious. I want the clients I work for to care about great work – the kind that creates buzz. And what Stoner wouldn’t appreciate that?

Well, there you have it: me in words. But, words are cheap, unless you charge Gary Halbert’s hourly rate. Take a look at my work and then put me to work.

I helped land a contract with the national Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) on AMC’S THE PITCH. Click on the logo for a preview. SunPostPrem_[23402] The Pitch

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