JOE NORRIS, VERBAL MECHANIC-RETIRED SHS ECD/CEO  There’s no shortage of creative talent in the advertising industry. But what makes Jerry unique is his background in music and theatre. He brings an unexpected number of skills to the table.

JOHN BERNARDIN, CREATIVE DIRECTOR/DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR  I had the pleasure of working with Jerry on the Hyundai account at Bates. Jerry’s good at coming up with ideas while staying focused on strategy. One ad we created together won a Gold Award for the best print ad at the Orange County Ad Club Awards. The ad was for a Hyundai dealer group. It was so successful at getting attention for the new Sonata that we were asked to create similar ads in different markets. 

MIKE MCCOY, ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR, SHS  Jerry is an amazing creative collaborator. He’s extremely passionate about his craft and is a tireless champion of producing great work.

SCOTT STINES, CEO, EMAIL OF THE MONTH  Smart, creative and a hell of a lot of fun to work with. Jerry’s a great listener which explains why he is able to objectively assess a client’s situation, evaluate alternative strategies, then delivery creatively on the best strategy across all known (and future) communications channels. Whether it’s ink on paper or pixels on screens, Jerry truly understands how to craft and deliver a message that makes the needle move and the cash register ring. Did I mention he’s fun to work with?

SCOTT PARKIN, ACTOR/VOICE TALENT  I have been fortunate enough to work for Jerry on several projects. Jerry creates an environment where everybody can do the best work. He makes it safe to stretch out and try things in search of the very best thing. It is so rare in any business let alone advertising to find someone whose talent is much larger than they’re ego. Jerry is a generous director who has the focus to bring all elements of a project together. Jerry is a guy who is so comfortable with his own high level of ability and skill set that it makes everybody give the very best they have to get the job done. These qualities make him a born leader. He is the guy you want to calling the shots and bringing it all together. He is not only an incredibly sharp and talented guy he is an honest and solid guy as well. Who he is, is reflected in the work he does and how he treats those around him.

I’m Scott Parkin and I approved this message

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